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Help Give a Second Chance to Men & Women in Recovery

Just like everyone deserves to have a good, quality, affordable home, we believe that everyone is worthy of a second chance.

Hope Building, HDA’s unique and groundbreaking program that provides paid, on-the-job training in home construction for men and women in substance use recovery, is perhaps one of the strongest and most promising lifelines our area has seen in many years. In partnership with Hickory Hill Recovery Center (one of Recovery Kentucky‘s 14 centers throughout the state), Perry County Drug Court, Knott County Drug Court, and other local recovery providers, we interview and hire up to six trainees for our crew from among the candidates referred to us. Our trainees are in an advanced and stable stage in their recovery journey. 

As they work through our year-long program, our trainees take classes in carpentry and construction at Hazard Community & Technical College (HCTC) from where they will earn course certificates. They also receive a paycheck as they get hands-on learning and instruction from two of HDA's on-staff carpenters (Hope Building trainers) on actual worksites.

Hope Building trainees construct homes for our region's workforce during their year of training. These homes are showcased and sold on the open market. All proceeds from the sale of the homes help fund the cost of training.

Due to the high level of need in our community, our trainees also participate in building new homes for flood survivors and occasionally help out with home rehabilitation projects.

From Hope to Hired!

Men and women in substance use recovery struggle to find employment in our region often due to stigma. HDA’s Hope Building Program offers them the dignity of work, which in many cases they have been denied, and it also allows them the chance to belong to a crew and community. 

Our trainees don’t just build homes – they’re building a life. Hope Building gives them the opportunity to build their resumé, confidence and dependability, an improved reputation, work experience, and sense of self-worth.

From completing a year’s worth of training, to earning up to four college certificates, to landing a job in the local workforce, our staff works diligently with our trainees to help them be successful. 

Note: All trainees are expected to abide by the rules and regulations of our program and continue to participate in their respective recovery programs while they are employed by HDA. 

The key to sustaining a life in recovery is a job, because a job is hope. And like a house, hope can be built from the ground up! Find out more about Hope Building here and check out all the ways you can be a part of our program below.

Be a Hope Builder Today.

There are many ways to get involved. If you’d like to support Hope Building but are wondering how, please contact us!

Financial Support

Help fund our extraordinary transformational program! Grants and donations help fund the training received by the six men and women on our crew. Every contribution is deeply appreciated.

Gifts In-Kind

Businesses and corporations can donate building materials, tools, work wear (tool belts, gloves, boots, eyewear, etc.), and work trucks to our program. These gifts give our trainees hope & confidence on their journey!


We welcome the opportunity to partner with individuals, companies, and organizations who'd like to help fund this amazing program. Contact us to find out how a program sponsorship works and the benefits to you!

Questions? Interested in Supporting Our Program? Contact:

Shannon Gabbard, Program Director
Office: 606-436-0497

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